Summary of the darkest and most terrifying Period in the History.... Summary of the darkest and most terrifying Period in the History of Burma; the Military Regimes of Burma; 1962- 2007+? By Sao Noan Oo The Burmese Military Generals are obsessed with the idea of making Burma into “One Myanmar, one Nation, one Culture, one Language and one Religion”. This obsession is fired by False Pride, Anger, Hate, Paranoia, Power and Greed. They, like the assassin of General Aung San disapprove of the 1947 Panglong Agreement, the spirit of which was equality of status and opportunity for all peoples of Burma. The Panglong Agreement was agreed and signed by General Aung San who represented the peoples of Burma Proper and the leaders of the Ethnic Nationalities in February 1947. As soon as they forcibly took over the whole of Burma, the SLORC/SPDC's predecessors set out to make their id 花蓮民宿ea into a reality firstly by dishonouring the Panglong Agreement and abrogating the 1948 Constitution. Putting members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, U Nu and his cabinet, Ethnic leaders and their officers in prison until they felt that all the Parliamentarian were aged and helpless to challenge them: Sao Kya Seng, the Sawbwa of Hispaw , who they thought posed the greatest threat was murdered. The Sawbwa of Yawnghwe, the first President of the Union of Burma died in prison under suspicious circumstances. Taking the Shan State as example: The military regime in 1962- 2007+? The Military targeted the non-Burman Ethnic nationals by flooding the towns and villages with soldiers, with the aim to exterminate all those that do not conform to their need. The military destroyed everything that portrayed Shan culture and architec 酒店打工ture, and forbade the teaching of Shan language and literature. The people suffered enormous heinous human rights violations perpetrated by the two military regimes during the forty five or more years of their occupation: They shoot people down for no crime or reasons Use people for forced labour, and when they are tired or too old to perform the job they just shoot them to death. Forcibly relocated 300,000 villagers, and confiscated their homes and farmlands, the means of their survival, causing starvation, and an exodus of citizens fleeing to neighbouring countries and to live as IDPs in the jungle. Societies and families became disintegrated, as documented in “Dispossessed” compiled by Shan Human Rights Foundation in 1998 Soldiers using rape as a weapon of war against Shan girls and women – well documented in the “Licence to ra 室內設計pe”, researched and compiled by The Shan Human Rights Foundation and Shan Women Action Networks in 2002 The Shan Human Rights Foundation reports monthly on the ongoing violations perpetrated by the Military Regime against the innocent citizens. The violations ranges from extrajudicial killings, mass murder, forced labour, extortion of money, robbing, torturing and imprisonment. In spite of all the publicity and pressure from organisations and governments of the world there is no stop to their violent activities. Similarly the military regime use the same methods of human rights violations against the other non-Burman ethnic nationalities, particularly the Karens. In 1988 the people, mainly university students recognised that the totalitarian and brutal rule of the junta was unfair and unjust so they demonstrated for democracy, freedom and better livin 酒店兼職g conditions. During a peaceful demonstration in Rangoon and other parts of the country the military cold bloodedly shot down 3000 students. About this time Daw Aung San Suu Kyi joined and became the leader of the NLD. She was imprisoned by the SPDC because she did not agree with their policies, and the generals were afraid that she might re-establish the spirit of the “Panglong Agreement”, i.e. equality in status and opportunity for all nationals of Burma, signed by her father General Aung San and leaders of the non- Burman Ethnic Nationalities. The military also committed the 2003 Depayin Massacre, the number of those being murdered is still unknown. There was also an attempt to assassinate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, but fortunately she escaped unharmed. In 2007, the political and economic situation in Burma under the military junta has become from bad to worse. There is 情趣用品no freedom of action or freedom of speech; people are living in fear and terror every day of their lives. Recently the fear of not being able to survive which the Shans and other ethnic nationals have felt for a very long time is now being felt by many people in towns and cities.. The military due to their mismanagement and misrule have ruined the whole country politically and economically. The people are terrified to act or to speak, terrified of being imprisoned, terrified of being tortured, terrified of being starved and terrified of being killed. The regime has destroyed the soul and spirit of the people. The courageous monks thought perhaps if they, the disciples of Buddha were to make a peaceful demonstration on behalf of the people the juntas might listen. Droves of monks took to the street to demonstrate so as to make the generals realise the damage they have done to the country 票貼and its people. But alas! Instead of listening to their advice the monks were tortured, murdered and locked up for protesting peacefully. This has shocked almost the whole world, yet one or two superpower remained unmoved. News is still coming out that wounded bodies of protestors are being gruesomely murdered by running heavy vehicles over their bodies. Claiming to be Buddhists yet the junta has abandoned the moral principles of Buddhism. The monks have refused to receive alms from the members of junta and their family to make them come to their senses that they have acted wrongly, but the SPDC has taken it as a humiliation and have vented their anger on the monks instead of showing remorse and atonement. Under the cover of Buddhism, the military government, a member of the United Nations, and the SPDC members have committed crimes against humanity. They have terrorised citizens, committed ethnic c 褐藻醣膠leansing and genocide. They also committed the massacre of 3,000 students in 1988,” and countless during the Depayin Massacre. In the recent demonstration by citizens and monks they have shown that that they are not prepared to listen to reason. They have also shown that they have reached a depth where there isn’t a thread of compassion or decency left in their being. Looking at the summary of what the regime has committed during the forty five years of their rule is more than frightening. It is hard to imagine what the detailed accounts would be. It is up to the International Criminal Court of Justice to decide. In the name of “Government” the military junta has built up a huge organisation of terrorism and crimes against humanity. There is no difference between a terrorist organisation set up by ordinary citizens and the terrorist organisation set up by members of the SPDC who do not have the legal right to f 關鍵字行銷orm a government. For the sake of humanity let's hope countries that believe in honour, truth, justice and freedom will make greater efforts to get rid of such an organisation posing as a government. Representing Burma as a member of the United Nations the SPDC has dishonoured the pledge in the UN Charter, made by all members of the United Nations. Contrarily they have and continue to commit gross human rights violations against the citizens of Burma. It is a disgrace to the United Nations and should not have been allowed to represent the people of Burma without their consent. The SPDC does not represent any faction of society other than the armed forces. Countries that are indifferent to the SPDC’s crimes against humanity are encouraging them to do the same over and over again, and they are damaging the credibility of the United Nations. The United Nations is a unique institution, an institution that should not fail people who d 禮服esperately ask for help and protection. In the name of “Tadmadaw” the SPDC generals ordered soldiers and thugs to shoot unarmed citizens during a peaceful demonstration. They even tortured, killed and imprisoned monks. It must be very difficult for some soldiers who sincerely believe in the teachings of Lord Buddha and at the same time have to obey the orders of their superior to bully, rape and kill human beings, especially when they are from the same country, town and villages. It is sad that some fell into the clutch of such an organisation against their will, and can’t get out even if they want to. Like the citizens some decent officers and soldiers are also the victims of the devils. Let’s hope that all citizens of Burma will soon be free from the darkness and evil that surround them. The author is from the former illustrious State of Lawkzawk in the Federated Shan States, as today's Shan State of Burma was known until 1948 – Edit 宜蘭民宿or  .
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